Releasing control to allow the magic of life

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As I was doing some research for my book the other night, digging into journals from years past, this central theme kept showing up. I realize now just how much of my mental energy was spent trying to predict and control every situation. Some of it seemed harmless… Anticipating challenges, playing out conversations in my mind, even worrying about what other people were thinking or how to reach my goals. There was a whole lot of, “What if,” with an energy of fear.

I’m training my mind to hold a new energy around “What if?”

You see, I realized recently we have two choices when it comes to viewing the future. We can assume something will go wrong, we will get hurt, or we will come up short. OR, we can embrace the magic of life, trusting that in the end it will all unfold exactly as it’s meant to.

If we choose the latter, to expand rather than stay closed in fear, we open our energy to even more magic and seeing life through a new lens of possibility.

Now, if you’re with me, I’ll be honest. This takes practice. I have repeatedly found myself saying to my mind when I feel worry, anxiety or need for control pop in — “We don’t think that way anymore.” There is an initial moment of resistance, but then my brain is like, “Ok,” and we breathe through it and move along, lighter and more free.

Whatever the process looks like for you, I hope you can find your own way of letting go to see the magic in everyday.

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