How to gain confidence in yourself – and your empath gifts

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“Confidence.” This is one of the number of goals I see from empaths. Many of us have grown to believe that our empath gifts are working against us, making us overly sensitive, weak or “people-pleasers.” If you judge yourself and lack confidence, it’s time to change that for good! As an empath, you have special gifts and a special purpose all your own!

Gifts of being an empath:

  •     Natural empathy
  •     Highly intuitive
  •     Healing presence
  •     Great listeners
  •     Creativity
  •     Great friends and partners
  •     Compassion
  •     Curiosity
  •     Growth-oriented

6 Ways to be Confident in Yourself

1.     Accept that not everyone is going to like you.

2.     Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Get clear on your values, purpose, and what’s most important to you.

3.     Learn to be courageous in your love. Practice self-love first.

4.     Tap into your creative and intuitive gifts.

5.     Invest in self-discovery and personal growth. (My favorite tools are journaling and astrology!)

6.     Surround yourself with people who appreciate the authentic you!

Are you ready to ROCK your empath gifts with CONFIDENCE? 

In this video I share 6 tips to rock your empath gifts with confidence.

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