50+ signs that you may be an empath

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What does it mean to be an empath?

An empath is a person who experiences the emotions of others and the energy of his or her environment at a deep level.

The following empath quiz will help you identify behaviors, personality traits and gifts of empaths.

You may read some of these “signs” and think, “Ummm…that doesn’t sound pleasant at all.”   

The openness of an empath is their true gift – but it can also be an empath’s greatest challenge.

As an empath, it takes awareness, guidance and practice in order to learn how to channel this true superpower.

Looking to step into your light and power as an empath?

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Am I an Empath?
Empath Quiz

  1. You over-analyze before making decisions in order to weigh the opinions of others
  2. You self-edit before expressing yourself for fear of how others will respond
  3. You have difficulty asserting boundaries or saying “no”
  4. You push past exhaustion in order to not let others down
  5. You hold yourself back from “going for it” for fear of how others will respond
  6. You love people, but need a lot of alone time
  7. You have a desire to serve others, but feel you’re inadequate to do it on a high level or receive money for it
  8. You naturally want to help and heal others
  9. Close relationships can feel overwhelming
  10. You crave connection but often feel lonely
  11. You see connections in life where others do not
  12. You’ve struggled to really know who you are, separate from titles, relationships or your identity
  13. Your environment can easily shift your mood
  14. You struggle in an office environment
  15. You feel overwhelmed by large groups of people
  16. You have ever physically felt the energy of another person in a small space
  17. You need a lot of alone time or downtime
  18. You recharge in nature
  19. You believe you have a purpose but feel inadequate to step into it
  20. You are struggling to find your purpose or “true self”
  21. You have a harsh inner critic
  22. You crave love, approval and intimacy
  23. You avoid difficult conversations for fear of the others person’s reactions
  24. You avoid doing things you really want to do for fear of another person’s reactions
  25. You have extreme highs and lows in your energy level
  26. You struggle with emotional eating or other digestive issues
  27. You feel heaviness or pain in specific areas of your body and are unsure why
  28. You have experience rapid weight gain or loss in times of stress
  29. You experience situations where total strangers open up at a deep level
  30. You are gifting at holding space for others to express themselves
  31. You have always felt guided by something bigger than yourself
  32. You have a hard time trusting yourself
  33. You have been deceived in relationships
  34. You seem to attract people who like to talk about themselves – a lot
  35. You crave deep, honest conversation
  36. You feel things deeply but have a hard time naming the emotion  
  37. You’ve struggled with anxiety or depression
  38. When you’re stressed you numb out through overworking, over-exercising, cleaning, drugs, alcohol
  39. You are highly creative
  40. You often feel like a victim of the energy of others
  41. You look for the little synchronicities in life
  42. You enjoy journaling or meditation
  43. You are introspective
  44. You feel incredibly connected to animals, children or the elderly
  45. You love to give and often feel uncomfortable receiving
  46. You love music
  47. You express yourself best through creativity, art or writing
  48. You care to the point where it can be debilitating at times
  49. You know what others are thinking and feeling, even if they do not express it
  50. You have “gut feelings”
  51. You feel called to step into your power, now more than ever (This one may catch you by surprise, but I feel empaths have a very special purpose on this planet now!)

How many of these resonate with you? Which do you experience most intensely? What other patterns have you noticed in yourself as an empath?

Comment with your score and response to the 50 signs below, or send me a DM on Instagram at @irongypsylife!

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