Stop dimming your light

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Learn five signs you are dimming your light – and what to do about it!

1. You hold back your truth.

If you are replaying conversations over and over again before you have them, or worse, hold back your truth altogether, you are dimming your light

2. You over-analyze your decisions or you avoid making decisions or you defer making them.

If you constantly find yourself in this state of analysis paralysis and you’re constantly analyzing and weighing things out. You just never ever able to move forward. That is a sign that you are dimming your light. When you are aligned with your light, there is a steady momentum forward.

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3. You are placing more weight on other people’s opinions than on your own.

If you automatically assume that others are smarter, more powerful, or if you place more weight on their perspectives or opinions instead of your own, that is another way that you can tell that you are dimming your light.

4. You are afraid to step into your purpose for fear of what others might think.

So many of my clients, especially those who are empaths feel called to a higher purpose, more often then not it’s something that the mainstream would view as “woo-woo” like Reiki, Tarot, or another spiritual or healing modality.

5. You don’t pursue your passions or take time for self-care.  

If you feel guilty for doing the things that light us up or making the time for yourself, you are dimming your light.

How to STOP Dimming Your Light

  1.  Take time for you every day.

    Spend time each day in a state of reflection or silence — or just being with you. The way this started for me was with daily mediation. And there is no need to put a box around meditation has to look like. Sit in silence, breath deep and Just flow with that process. You can ask yourself “how do I feel?” and “how do I want to feel?” and aligning your energy for the day.

    Another tool that I love and has been most pivotal on my journey is journaling. Journaling my thoughts, my feelings, my dreams. If you are looking for journal prompts to guide you, visit my Iron Gypsy Astrology page on Instagram!  

    If you want start to shine your light, you must align your internal light every single day. That starts by taking time for you for that alignment process – meditation, prayer, maybe reading, or journaling. Whatever it is for you.

  2. Take care of your physical body. Be strong inside and out.   

    Your physical body and emotional state are connected. You must take care of your physical body in a way that allows your light to shine from within. This starts with moving your body daily. Going for a walk or dancing. Or something that will literally take that light all the way up just by doing that.

    Secondly, be mindful of your posture.  Stand up straighter. Shoulders back. Let that heart chakra shine! Look people in the eye and smile.

  3. Get clear on your strengths and your core energy.

    My favorite tool for self-discovery is astrology.  My first astrology reading literally changed the trajectory of my life. Start by simply Googling your zodiac sign or sun sign, reading a few different summaries and taking notes on what resonates with you.  Your sun sign is your soul’s journey. That is the light that is authentic, unique, and genuine to you. From there, you’ll want to explore the other layers of your unique soul’s imprint. I recommend a professional astrology reading to get you started!

  4. Receive the lessons.

    The challenges that you’ve been through in your life are exactly what made you who you are. It’s important not to allow those challenges that you’re going through whether it’s now or in the past to dim your light. These challenges are teaching you resilience. They are teaching you exactly who you are. You are developing gifts. You are developing light within you. Every time you overcome a challenge in your life, you are gaining even more strength. You are gaining even more light. You are gaining even more wisdom. You can then shine out into the world.

    Every time you overcome a challenge, you become more confident that you are capable. That you are enough. That you are a conquer. That you are the creator of your life. Don’t take the challenges as something that will dim your light. Use those challenges as opportunity to increase that energy. That glow. That wisdom. All those beautiful things that make you who you are.

  5. Explore your passions and your purpose.

    It’s important to give yourself the time, the space, and the permission to do the things that you love and the things that light you up. If you don’t have the passion yet in your life. If you don’t feel you have a purpose in life, it’s time to start this journey of exploration. How do you do that? You start to step out. You start to trying new things. You start to follow those little whispers within you.

    If you are interested in exploring your higher purpose, sign up with my Empath Masterclass, you will receive a free PDF that is all about finding your empath purpose. This starts with following your intuition. This starts with believing “I am worthy” of a life that lights me up. That I know that I have a big purpose in this world. That I know that I have this fire in my belly. That I know that I am into pursue, follow, create, love, and passion.

    If you really want to shine brighter on this world, purpose and passion are the key to that. So start today. Start today on a journey. Again, it comes down into self-discovery and self- awareness. From that, we create self-love. When we have all those things. That’s when our light really shines.

  6. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you.

    Friends. Family. A partner. Find those people who will tell you when you start to shrink down. I’m also a big believer in coaches. Life coaches have made all the difference in my life! If you don’t have one, I will highly encourage you to start thinking about that.  Find someone who you know who hold you accountable for who it is that you are. For shining your light. For living your best life.

You are amazing. You have a bright light. You are something that only you have that the world needs that is only you. You and only you.

Your light is unique. Now more than ever, we all need to be shining our brightest lights. This is your permission slip. Whatever is on your heart right now – that way that you’ve been holding yourself back – now is the time to GO FOR IT!

Follow your passions and step out in courage! Shine your light brighter than ever before.

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