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Free Empath Masterclass on Zoom Toxic Guilt

Free empath masterclass

Learn How A Super Empath Destroys Toxic Guilt

In this Exclusive Empath Masterclass, I teach you some simple truths about toxic patterns keeping you stuck in guilt and protection techniques to end toxic guilt for good and thrive in your life.

You will walk away with giving yourself permission to make your emotional well-being a priority and free yourself from feeling responsible for the happiness of others. 

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50 Journal Prompts to
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The 7 Day Chakra Journey

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Astrologer, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Aquarius

I'm so happy you are here

I'm Kesley!

Life coach, Astrologer and Reiki Master dedicated to helping you live with greater confidence, passion and purpose.

After years of feeling trapped in anxiety, self-doubt, people pleasing, loneliness and going through a divorce that left my heart in a million pieces, I became my own best friend, my own healer, and I began to unlock the gifts I already had within me. I learned that there is freedom in finally saying YES to yourself. Through Reiki healing and the power of astrology, I connected with my truth and experienced the healing words of a divine language that reunited me with my essence — my magic.

I am now being deeply called to share the healing powers of astrology to help guide you through your journey of great change. I’ll help you activate the magic already in you, unlock your intuition, and connect to your deepest purpose.  It’s time to stop searching. It’s time to step into your magic.

Let me show you how.


Iron Gypsy is a wonderful coach! I have truly discovered things about inner peace and my highest self that I have never considered before. She has helped me implement many changes in my life as well as help me move towards overcoming various struggles that come along in life. I personally love digging into the self development journaling activities and meditation the most as it helps me consider anything and everything from my purpose, love, relationships, and energy.”

Megan W.

Bride and Groom
All magic is simply a shift in perception

Are you ready to awaken the magic within you,

so that you can vibrate higher?

I know that you have a unique energy, your own special gifts, your own story, your own truth. I believe you’re here for a reason. In this place, at this time, learning these lessons, because you’re exactly where you are meant to be. But sometimes it can be really dang hard to see that. Between the limiting beliefs in your head (Can I really do that thing? Can I really change my life?), your paralysis by analysis, and your confusion over how to get past that roadblock, it can seem very overwhelming, and even sometimes impossible. 

The truth is… there is no one else like you. There is no one else who can give the world exactly what you have within you to give.

But it all starts with you. Within YOU. So if life has thrown you some curve balls, some unexpected turns, or turned your world upside-down, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the path of unlocking the person you were meant to be. You ARE ready for this.

The only mistake you can make right now is thinking you have to do it by yourself.
There’s a reason you landed on this page… I’m here to help you gain some clarity and save you confusion, frustrations, and breakdowns.

Kesley Tweed Home Magic

My work (and this site) is dedicated to sharing the wisdom of the sky with all of you in a way that brings magic and meaning to your life so that you can fall in love with your unique journey.

You don't have to get it perfect. But, You gotta put in the soul work

How I can help you

Are you STUCK? Sick of where you are and how you’re feeling now, but not sure what to do next? Are you ready for the next chapter of your life, but need some helping creating it?  

My dear, you are worthy and capable of living the life of your dreams! In case no one has told you this lately — YOU ARE MAGIC! 

It’s time to get to the root of the problem. Through soul-searching and divine guidance from the Sun, Moon and Stars, we’ll create a plan for your “Soul Evolution” and move you toward your destiny! 

I guide amazing humans, like you, to falling back in love with themselves so they can align their life goals, relationships, and career with the purpose and energy of their soul. 

My mission as an astrologer and life coach is to help you experience the magic within you and create a magical journey all your own — filled with love and meaning and SOUL!

the process

Alignment Pillars

Everything I do is about bringing more magic and meaning into your life. All services I offer work on the physical, mental, emotional + spiritual levels. They’re designed to help you do three things:

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Awaken Your Magic

Activating your uniqueness, your gifts, your talents, your Soul's mission. This is about learning how to release the resistance that keeps you stuck, letting go of what's no longer serving you, and doing the root work so you can align with the true you.

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Own Your Magic

Integrating your spiritual and personal growth by unlocking your magic, tapping into your intuition and raising your vibration. This is about falling in love with all that you are - your feelings, your energy, your journey, your story, YOU.

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Walk In Your Magic

Reuniting with your core essence, your style, your expression! This is about stepping into your deepest purpose, walking with confidence and flowing with more grace in life. This is who you were born to be, aligned with your destiny and living your magic.

Let's Join Forces


I provide online Astrology Readings, Intuitive Reiki Healing, and Signature Soul Coaching Programs to help you align your life goals, relationships, and career with the purpose and energy of your soul. Once we are aligned with who we are – anything is possible.

Choose Your Magic

Life coaching

Let's Work 1 on 1

Move through roadblocks, get unstuck, and step into your magic through one-on-one guidance and support. My approach to coaching combines all modalities for a holistic, soul-centered experience to help you create breakthroughs in your life.
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Astrology Readings

Awaken Your Magic

Astrology helps you find direction, fall in love with who you truly are and create a life that you love! Using the birth chart as our compass, we’ll center your heart and soul in a direction most aligned with your divine and authentic MAGIC! This is an opportunity to approach any current events and challenges you may be experiencing.
Let's Make Magic

Intuitive Reiki

Energy Healing

A personally guided Reiki session will take you on a magical journey to a place where you will be wrapped in love and light to connect with your highest self - leaving stress, fear, pain and limitation in the past.
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Choices, Babe.

Maximize Your Magic

Featured Programs

Ultimate Soul Reading

90-Minute Ultimate Soul Awakening Experience

Awaken Your Magic

A 1:1 interactive astrology session where we also pull in several healing and intuitive modalities including Reiki, Akashic Records, Tarot/Oracle.
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Iron Gypsy All-Access

Spiritual Life Coaching Guided by the Sun, Moon, & Stars

1:1 Coaching Monthly Membership

With your own personal astrologer, energy healer, intuitive guide and life coach by your side every step of the way, you’ll create your destiny and flow through life with grace and ease.
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Leadership Coaching

Take your team from good to GREAT through the power of self-awareness

Leadership Coaching & Team Consulting

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Iron Gypsy Life Coaching

Iron Gypsy Coaching

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Life coach, Astrologer and Reiki Master dedicated to helping you live with greater confidence, passion and purpose. 

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