Intuitive Reiki

Energy Healing

Eliminate the weeds of self-doubt and plant seeds of hope, peace and love in your soul as we shift limiting beliefs and awaken the life force within you.

align with love.

What is Reiki?

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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing that simultaneously promotes self-awareness, clarity, vitality and inner peace. A Reiki session targets physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, accelerating the body to heal itself on all levels. It is a simple, yet powerful, holistic modality of spiritual healing and self-improvement that anyone can use and gets to the root of whatever you’ve got going on.

Sometimes in one session.

Sometimes in a series of sessions over time.

Reiki by Iron Gypsy is an experience unlike any other.

How does Reiki Help Me?

What kinds of things might we work on together?

  • Receiving divine guidance or life lessons towards a challenge you are facing
  • Addressing current sources of stress in both business and life, and create deeper energetic alignment with your goals
  • Releasing stored, negative, energy gunk that keeps you stuck 
  • Cultivating deep love and appreciation for ALL of you
  • Connecting you to your soul’s purpose or divine assignment (or calling)
  • Aligning your masculine or feminine energy
  • Experiencing of a total state of relaxation and a break from reality
  • Gaining clarity and confidence with your truth 
Reiki Meditation

After an Iron Gypsy Reiki Session, you will:

  • Feel lighter and more relaxed 
  • Feel empowered, connected, centered
  • Connect to a new sense of well-being

Pricing & How Sessions Work

Special rates and personalized healing sessions offered for a limited time only!

$555 Per Hour


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For this type of healing work, we don’t need to be face to face for our session. Sessions are conducted remotely in the comfort of your own home and are approximately 60 minutes. 

I bring my very best to every session – energy, compassion, presence, expertise, experience and love.

I hold the space for you to go into a deep state of relaxation and act as a guide and channel for “Life Force Energy” to work its magic on your behalf.

As a life coach and intuitive, I will provide insights for practical application in your life.

No two sessions are the same – Your Reiki experience is a journey completely unique to you, a profound journey to nourish you body, mind and soul.

Reiki Intuitive Healing and Energetic Alchemy Session


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