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Feeling stuck?

We all go through times when we just need an outside perspective — not to tell us what to do or how to feel — but to help us process, release, shift our focus and help us move forward. Quite honestly, sometimes we need someone from outside our everyday circle to remind us that we’re not crazy. We are human!

Whether you are dealing with stress and anxiety, searching for purpose or a partner, feeling stuck on the path to your dreams, or your heart is broken due to a divorce, death of a loved one, or even loss of a job, Iron Gypsy Coaching will help you rise above and transform challenges into gifts.

Sometimes, even when life looks “normal” from the outside, there are internal barriers. Life can feel hard, but it doesn’t have to.

As a Reiki Master, life coach and astrologer, I act as a trusted advisor, someone to listen and have your back, but also provide tools and strategies to help you find the clarity, confidence, peace, passion and purpose you’re looking for.

Our time together is meant to bring you forward – out of where you are and toward what you want most.

Iron Gypsy Coaching provides a personalized experience that honors your uniqueness and brings out the best in you – your MAGIC! Together, we have access to a wide variety of tools – from traditional life coaching strategies – to spiritual healing like Reiki and astrology.

Your journey is unlike anyone else’s. I am here to serve your highest good – using every tool in my toolbox to help you grow, heal and live in your magic. Because I’ve used all of these tools and strategies on my own personal journey, I can provide a first-hand perspective, empathy, and guidance. You are worthy of all that you desire! And together, we will get you there by focusing on the most powerful part of it all – YOU!

Whether it’s Iron Gypsy or another coach, program or healer — you are meant for more. You are worthy of living a life (beyond) your wildest dreams! Friends, please hear this…

You cannot afford NOT to invest in you!

It’s possible to live a life free of anxiety and stress. It’s possible to appreciate every breath of your life. It’s possible to wake-up each morning with a heart exploding with a passion for being alive!

It possible to work in a job you love and to have a relationship that’s on fire.

It is possible to have time to enjoy your life, make your health a priority, take care of loved ones – and make a difference in the world.

It’s possible to be happy and joyful – no matter how the external circumstances of your life are at present.

It’s possible to look in the mirror and see your own power, courage and beauty.

It’s possible to see — and own — the MAGIC in YOU!

You can find more information on all of my offerings under the Work With Me section. I also offer customized VIP packages to meet your needs. 

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