What They Say:

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“Kesley’s is a talented Astrology Reader who truly knows her craft. She puts immense care and thought into each astrology session and gives you a practical understanding of your chart to help you realize how your unique gifts and skills can best serve your path. Kesley explains astrology in a way that is easy to understand even if you are new to astrology and each session I have with her, I leave feeling uplifted and motivated. The last astrology session I had with Kesley gave me the permission I needed to take the next step in my career path. I highly recommend Kesley for anyone looking for healing and clarity!”

Dana K., San Diego, California

Akashic Record Reader, Reiki Master and Quantum Alchemy Sound Bowl Practitioner

“Iron Gypsy did a reading with me a few weeks ago, and it was so uplifting and actually MADE SENSE! I’ve never understood readings before. “Taurus moon, rising (or whatever) means nothing to me! She translates it so you aren’t confused the whole time.” 

Alison R.

Licensed Professional Counselor, Denver, Colorado

Alison Repp
Bride and Groom

“Iron Gypsy is a wonderful coach and program to join! I have truly discovered things about inner peace and my highest self that I have never considered before. She has helped me implement many changes in my life as well as help me move towards overcoming various struggles that come along in life. I personally love digging into the self development journaling activities and meditation the most as it helps me consider anything and everything from my purpose, love, relationships, and energy.”

Megan W. North Dakota

“I usually feel shy or awkward when talking about myself, but Kesley makes it easy and even fun. When I talk to her, I feel like a VIP, and I know she genuinely cares. She makes me feel seen.”

Susan B., Tennessee, USA

Author & Coach

Susan B. KesleyTweed Testimonial
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“Working with Kesley has been the most transformative experience I have had, period. She has given me the greatest gift anyone in a healing role has offered: self-empowerment. I have learned that the answers that I seek come from within me. As this has been proven through my sessions with Kesley. All we need sometimes is someone to create that space for us – so that we can see this for ourselves. I now go to Kesley for Reiki and Astrology guidance – combined with who she is as a human –  a graceful and compassionate guide who can literally address my soul. I highly recommend Kesley and her gifts to anyone and everyone who seeks healing, a healthier perception of self. She is a unique combination of spirit and expertise – a place where magic truly does exist. Run… don’t walk to see her.”

Lori M., Austin, Texas

the empowered empath collective

in her own words...


"With Kesley’s guidance and coaching, my journey these last few years have been nothing short of amazing. Many times I would question who I am, what others thought about me and in turn, feel bad about it. I’ve learned to set healthy boundaries to keep my energies in a high vibration and reset my emotions when I feel them negatively impacting me. I’ve finally realized that I am uniquely made and put on this Earth by a higher purpose to make a difference in this world. This has completely shifted my mindset to be who I am meant to be and shine my light the brightest it can be with love and purpose."
"Through the Empowered Empath Collective, I have become more intentional in the way I start my day and in the way I deal with my emotions and interactions with others. The individual life coaching and group interaction helps you find your voice and understand your emotions and how to work with them in a positive way."
Empathy Community for Women
"Through the Empowered Empath Collective, I've identified that I am an empath, and I pick up more energy than I thought from people...even before I'm in the same building as them! I’ve learned how to manage energy and emotions through using "Pause, Feel, Choose,” and taking more action in my life through the, “Ask, Align, Action” process! Power songs and morning routines as coached in the Collective are life changers for me! I'm also starting to set better boundaries in my life."