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How A Super Empath Destroys Toxic Guilt

exclusive empath masterclass

Learn how to release feeling responsible for other people’s happiness

Are you an empath who easily absorbs negative energy from others, feels responsible for others, or struggles with healthy boundaries?

Being a sensitive soul is an amazing gift! You have a true superpower that allows you to connect, create and serve a purpose that is totally unique to you! 

The problem is that being sensitive to the energy and expectations of others can throw you out of balance — making you feel like life is out of control and that you’re riding a rollercoaster of emotions!

Toxic guilt occurs when we feel guilt, shame or unworthiness for having boundaries and needs. If you struggled with a cycle of “toxic guilt” in your life, you are not alone. 

This empath masterclass is for you if...

In this webinar, I teach you some simple truths about toxic patterns keeping you stuck in guilt and protection techniques to end toxic guilt for good and thrive in your life. You will learn: 

You will walk away with giving yourself permission to make your emotional well-being a priority and free yourself from feeling responsible for the happiness of others. 

Find your inner freedom.

Release feeling toxic guilt and feeling responsible for other people’s happiness at the FREE Empath Masterclass.

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Hi, I'm Kesley

I am a Reiki Master, Astrologer, Life Coach, MBA and an Empowered Empath. I help empaths step into their power, level up their light, and level up their life.

We, as empaths, are here to lead the way toward a more conscious, compassionate, soul-centered – but empowered humanity! A humanity where each of us has the confidence and courage to step into our purpose and live life at the highest level possible during our human experience.

I believe that empaths are here with a special purpose to help move the planet toward an awakening of love, compassion and purpose.