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I can’t wait to map out your Abundant Empath Vision! This session is for you if you want to reawaken your true identity, embody your inner goddess and activate your divine soul-inspired destiny! 

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Woman smiling giving Empath Testimony

“I never imagined I’d be at this place in my life!” 

 – Jessica, Client

Real Women,

Extraordinary Results

Hear from my Abundant Empath Clients:

Woman smiling giving Empath Testimony

“I never imagined I’d be at this place in my life! Kesley’s help and guidance made a huge difference for me! It catapulted me from feeling lonely and heartbroken into a path of self-discovery and healing. I’ve gone out of my ‘comfort zone’ to create fulfilling friendships that I know will be lifelong! I am beyond appreciative of the tools I learned from working with Kesley. They have completely changed my outlook on life!”

Empowered Empath Collective Testimony by woman in big hat and big smile

“Is it possible to not only survive but thrive during life's most challenging moments? With Kesley in your ear it is! One of my friends recently told me, ''Tell your coach to keep it up! Whatever she's doing, it's working!'"

"Kesley is an amazing coach. Her insights come from many perspectives and are always helpful and actionable. Her positive energy is infectious!"

Woman in blue ruffle sleeve shirt with big smile

"With Kesley's guidance and coaching, my journey these last few years have been nothing short of amazing. Many times I would question who I am, what others thought about me and I’m turn, feel bad about it. I've learned to set healthy boundaries to keep my energies in a high vibration and reset my emotions when I feel them negatively impacting me."

You were

born to embody


What's Possible For You


Jessica launched her podcast, just weeks after starting her coaching program.

Janine conquered a toxic work environment and landed her dream job.

Jessica moved from seeking love to self-love and attracted fulfilling and exciting new friendships.

Brietta found her voice and rose to become a local health freedom advocate.

Jessica rebranded her business, gained the confidence to finally charge what she’s worth and healed her scarcity mindset around money.

Lindsay healed from a narcissistic relationship and attracted her soulmate.

Shannon reframed her relationship with time scarcity, moving to time abundance.

You were

born to embody


Inspiring Words

from a client

“Before working with Kesley I felt at rock bottom. I have been chronically fabulous (ill) for almost 11 years, & haven’t been able to work a regular job the last few years. I was sick & broke. I was so exhausted & drained. I felt as if there was no way out & was losing hope. 

I now feel clearer minded, focused, confident and trust the healing & entrepreneur path I am currently on. I feel I am letting go of limiting beliefs, learning my worth, setting better boundaries, filling my cup before I help others and learning to use my empath abilities as my superpower. 

I always felt like I would always struggle with money. Before getting sick I was a Teacher (which wasn’t enough money) and then getting sick & not being able to work & medical expenses piling up I never thought I would have enough money for life or fun. I now believe there is always enough and I welcome in creative solutions to live an abundant life.  

I’ve enjoyed learning more about myself in this program, from my birth chart/astrology to really looking inward & doing the weekly soul work. Learning more about me has helped me become more confident in who I am as a person and what I have to offer in this world.

I am better able to communicate and set boundaries. I used to be a people pleaser & put myself last. I am now connecting with new like minded friends that fill my heart & soul with so much love & light. 

It was a big “ah-ha” for me when I realized that I am worth more than I think. That I have learned so much on my healing journey and can help so many heal their mind/body/soul. 

Jessica J. Empowered Empath Kesley Tweed Activation Chat

 – Jessica J.

Kesley is a beautiful person inside and out. She has a big heart & shines her light in this world. She inspires me how she shows up on her journey & is always growing/learning/evolving. She is so easy to talk to and always seems to ask the right questions at the right time. She makes you more confident & trust in the answers that come through in coaching sessions. The convos and breakthroughs that happen in even the 15 minute 1:1 coaching sessions is mind blowing. 

I love the group. Everyone is so welcoming and sweet. It is a great place to make new friends, hold each other accountable, help each other grow/learn/evolve and cheer each other on. I love that there is a mix of tools to help take your soul work to another level… FB lives, questions, journal prompts, Kajabi courses, PDFs, soul sister calls, 1:1 coaching, and zoom parties. I feel this gives plenty of opportunities to grow each week/month & you can lean into as much or as little as you want. I always get excited for Magic Monday as it starts my week off right. 

The group is a loving, supportive, high vibe community that will help you learn, grow & evolve. This program is a place you will learn that being an empath is your strength/superpower and not your weakness. You will become better equipped to make your dreams a reality & confidently shine your light in the world. 

You should absofuckinglutly join and have Kesley as your coach! Kesley will love, support and inspire you to make your dream life a reality. You will make so many like-minded friends & evolve into the best you one week at a time. Your life will become so much brighter & you will then in turn be able to shine your bright & beautiful light into the world.”

Apply now and let’s get you clear, aligned and manifesting!

Not Every Coach

Abundant Empath Coach in sassy black dress and red dangling earrings

Why Me?

If you’re like most empaths you’ve been living in a state of lack for way too long! Lack of confidence, lack of “you-time”, lack of the abundance and dream life you deserve! Maybe you’ve even given your all in relationships only to end up heartbroken and alone once again. 

It’s time to end the scarcity mindset for good and step into the intuitive, empowered, Abundant Empath Goddess that you are! 

This is an invitation to skip the years of frustration, exhaustion, loneliness and scarcity and the investment in all the things – healers, therapists, psychics, programs, etc. – and enter a sacred, intimate space where I will take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way. Why not open yourself to some serious divine feminine power, unconditional love and expert guidance while you heal your toxic self-sabotaging patterns, step into the empath goddess that you truly are while skipping the unnecessary struggle? 

Here’s how I’m different from other coaches. I am not only a coach, but a guide, intuitive, astrologer, healer and soul-igniting empath diva! I will help you fall in LOVE with who you are and create a life that sets your empath soul on fire! You’ll learn strategies that will end the lifelong patterns of self-sabotage that have plagued you throughout your life and align with your natural creator queen energy to manifest the life of your dreams – a life of abundance, flow, certainty, confidence, passionate purpose, on-fire love and supportive relationships. 

I will work with you to illuminate your light and become the CEO of your sacred soul’s journey! You will come alive as you embody your magic! It’s time to be seen, shine and take flight toward your destiny. Your dream life and the Abundant Empath Goddess in you is waiting!