Beyond the smile: Why we all need a little help sometimes

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I’m likely no different from you. We all have challenges in life. And we all need a little help sometimes.

Yesterday, I found the homework I did with the first therapist I ever went to — almost a decade ago. I wrote down how embarrassed I was to have to seek help.

Almost ten years later, I’m still actively working with therapists, counselors and coaches. It’s not that I’m flawed. And I’m blessed to have been raised in a loving and supportive home and community.

It’s life. It’s the journey we are on.

No one knows how do do this thing called “being a human” perfectly.

If you’re reading this and going through a hard time, just know you never have to suffer alone.

Reach out. Ask for help.

I am grateful to all who have been there for me through the years — friends, family and professionals.

If you’ve ever been through a low point and asked for help, comment on this post. If you feel called, share a story of your own.

My hope is that someone who needs that extra encouragement to end the shame around depression, anxiety or just not knowing where to turn will reach out for help — and not go at it alone.

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