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Rewrite the rules on what it means to be an empath – making your sensitivity your superpower!

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Dear Empath,

The World Needs You

Have you ever held back your light for fear that others will see you as “too much?”

Does it ever feel like you’re the victim of the reactions and emotions of those you engage with?

Do you struggle to say what you really feel, stifling your truth and power?

Maybe you feel your mood shift drastically, based on your environment?

There’s good news. Nothing’s wrong; you’re a sensitive, intuitive soul.
There are millions of us out there, across the world!

Imagine A More Empowered You...

End people-pleasing, self-doubt and analysis paralysis once and for all

Tap into an unlimited source of energy from within

Become 100 percent clear and aligned with your purpose

Gain the confidence to step up and create the life of your dreams

Feel fulfilled and energized by relationships

Be part of a community of like-minded, like-hearted beautiful souls who want to make a difference

welcome to

The Empowered

Empath collective

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A community for like-minded, like-hearted, soulful women who are looking to level up their light — and level up their lives!

An alternative to traditional life coaching, you’ll receive one-on-one guidance and community of high vibe women as you transform your greatest challenge – into your greatest asset. 

Each month, you’ll create breakthroughs as you evolve from emotionally drained, self-conscious and uncertain — to the bold, dynamic, confident, passionate, empowered empath that you are!

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With Kesley’s guidance and coaching, my journey these last few years have been nothing short of amazing.  Many times I would question who I am, what others thought about me and in turn, feel bad about it. I’ve learned to set healthy boundaries to keep my energies in a high vibration and reset my emotions when I feel them negatively impacting me.  I’ve finally realized that I am uniquely made and put on this Earth by a higher purpose to make a difference in this world.  This has completely shifted my mindset to be who I am meant to be and shine my light the brightest it can be with love and purpose.


The Empowered Empath Collective

Growth Pillars



The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship in your life! You’ll finally connect with what it means to love yourself unconditionally – and from that stable foundation you’ll build stronger, deeper more fulfilling relationships.



If you were born an empath, you were born to make a difference, and this planet needs you now more than ever! It’s time to step up, claim and walk in your purpose!



Become the type of woman who claims what she wants and has the courage, confidence and energy to create it! Are you ready to ask – and receive – more from life? Now is your time to shine, sis!



Awaken your intuition and connect to a divine source of light, guidance and strength.

The Empowered Empath Process

The Empowered Empath Collective uses a three step process to harness the power of your emotions and turn them into fuel to take bold actions that create results beyond your wildest dreams.

Woman with eyes closes and hands in prayer

01. ASK

Self-inquiry is a critical part of the process. You’ll refine your intuition and learn how to separate your emotions and energy from outside forces.


Instead of living with whatever energy is projected on you, you’ll learn how to align your emotions with what you want to experience and create.

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Each week, you’ll be challenged to take action. The collective is not just about intellectual concepts or deep meditation. It’s about stepping up to claim the life you want – and make it yours!

The Toolbox

We will provide you with access to a variety of tools and healing modalities. Not only will you receive expert guidance, you’ll also learn how to use or deepen your relationship with these tools on your own self-empowerment process.

Level Up Your Light, Level up your life

Join Your Empathic Tribe

$111 per month

**Lower Rate Available With 1 Year Commitment**

What's Included In Your Membership:

Monthly 1:1 “Breakthrough Soul Session”

Every single month you’ll get a soul-shifting 15-minute breakthrough session where we’ll dive right into your biggest challenge, helping you create an immediate plan of action to create the change you’re looking for!

Monthly Course & Weekly Soul Assignments

Each month, you’ll receive a new soul-shifting course, including weekly soul assignments to help you make life your classroom as you align with love, step into your power, deepen your spiritual foundation and claim your life purpose!

Your Personalized Astrology Soul Map and Magic Triad

You’ll receive a copy of your astrological “Soul Map” as well as the signatures that make-up your Magic Triad (Sun, Moon and Rising Sign). This will be used to provide customized “Soul Coaching” throughout our time working together, based on your unique magic, energetic signature, and the Universe’s specific messages for you!  

Empowered Empath Collective Facebook Group

Connect with a community of like-hearted soul sisters. Receive continuous accountability and support. Get ongoing, uplifting content and reminders to help you shine brighter than ever before. 

"Magic Monday” Weekly Facebook Live

These inspiring Facebook lives will challenge you to commit to a weekly energetic intention and a weekly goal, setting your inner fire into high gear and aligning you with your highest soul aspirations.

Soul Sister Accountability Partner

Each member of the Collective will be paired up with a Soul Sister to journey with for a minimum of one month. You’ll receive a discussion guide that compliments the monthly course and soul work. You’ll meet once monthly to connect, share and support one another on your empowerment journey!

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Hey Soul Sista!

I'm Kesley!

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Hey Soul Sista!

I'm Kesley!

Who I am
I am a Reiki Master, astrologer, life coach, MBA, and an Empowered Empath. I help empaths step into their power, level up their light, and level up their LIFE!

I created this community because I believe that empaths are here with a special purpose to help move the planet toward an awakening of love, compassion and purpose!
The Story Behind the Empath Collective
I had always been one of those people who would do anything for approval. I had spent my teenage years striving for straight As, starving myself into the perfect body and striving to be a top athlete. My 20s and 30s were climbing the corporate ladder, searching for my soul mate and eventually becoming a fitness competitor.

I was exhausted. Miserable. Lost. Divorced. Longing for more.

Until, my search for self-love and acceptance finally helped me to realize what had been the thread connecting these challenges my entire life.
I am an Empath
After a lifetime of analyzing, anxiety and people-pleasing, at the age of 34, I finally discovered that I wasn’t weak, a victim or “too nice.” I was simply someone who was more sensitive to the emotions and energy of others than your average person. 

The awakening began when I started mediation and continued as I opened my intuition, grew in self-love and stepped into my true gifts through modalities such as Reiki and astrology. Behind all the peopling, perfectionism, over-thinking and exhaustion was a highly sensitive, intuitive woman who simply yearned for love, connection and purpose. Inside there was a powerful, confident, love-aligned woman – just waiting to be set free!
You landed here for a reason
Through my relationship with Reiki, astrology, my own intuition and whole lotta soul work – I learned to transform my greatest challenge into my own personal superpower. And if you can relate, you too are an empath just waiting to step into your true power!

I am so passionate about this work because I believe that now more than ever, empaths are here on this planet to play a very important role – to help create a new earth. You my darling, are not just an empath, but a true lightworker!

We, as empaths, are here to lead the way toward a more conscious, compassionate, soul-centered – but empowered humanity! A humanity where each of us has the confidence and courage to step into our purpose and live life at the highest level possible during our human experience.

My dear empath soul sister – we need you to level up your light and know you are worthy of life at the highest level!

Welcome, my friend, to the Empowered Empath Collective. 

Welcome Home.

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So sis, are you ready to…

Step into your power

Find true, unconditional self-love

Develop the courage to live your destiny

Attract fulfilling and soul-quenching relationships

Live your purpose, every single day as you help usher in a new humanity

Align with the calling of your soul

Level up your Light

Join Your Empathic Tribe

$111 per month

**Lower Rate Available with Annual Membership**

Level up your Life



Annual Membership


  • Monthly Mini Course & Soul Assignments
  • Monthly 1:1 “Breakthrough Soul Session”
  • Monthly Moon Party
  • “Magic Monday” Weekly Facebook Live
  • “Q&A Thursday” Weekly Facebook Live
  • The Empowered Empath Collective Facebook Group
  • Soul Sister Accountability Partner
  • Your Astrology “Magic Triad”
  • Your Astrology “Soul Map”