Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide: Five ways to thrive during Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury Retrograde (Mercury Rx) is the most most well-known (and potentially most resisted) astrological transit. It’s widely known for creating communication mishaps, travel delays, and for a time when we put a big old “hold” on major decisions and new projects.

But did you know that Mercury Retrograde, when approached consciously with an intention of growth, can actually put us on a path of greater success, happiness and confidence?

Read on to find out, not only how to survive, but to THRIVE during Mercury Retrograde.

The Planet Mercury

In the world of astrology, each of the planets is assigned “rulership” over particular aspects of our inner world and life on planet earth.Essentially, the planets act as a Tarot deck or map in the sky, providing guidance on how to best navigate life at the present time.

Mercury is the ruler of communication and the mind – including talking, listening, learning, reading, teaching, and intelligence.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde occurs approximately three times each year for about three weeks each time. From our perspective on earth, Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky. Because Mercury is the closest plant to the Sun, its orbit around the Sun is shorter than Earth’s orbit. About three to four times each year, Mercury passes the earth, and we experience a Mercury Retrograde.

Busting the Myth of Mercury Retrograde

You may have heard the “Mercury Retograde Myth” in the past — essentially, that Mercury Retrograde is a time to be feared, along with advice like:

  • Don’t sign any contracts.
  • Avoid travel.
  • Expect delays.
  • Don’t launch anything new.

Although I don’t entirely disagree, I also don’t fully agree. Mercury Retrograde doesn’t necessarily mean we have to put our lives on hold. From a planetary perspective, it is however, a break in the normal flow of things.

Mercury Rx quote
Mercury Retrograde is a time for breaking patterns, reflecting and reviewing past decisions, perceptions and actions. Follow me on Instagram for daily quotes and astrological inspiration.

Five tips to THRIVE during Mercury Retrograde (Mercury Rx)

1. Set an Intention.

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you don’t ask, the answers will always be no?” The Universe works in the same way. What is the one thing you desire most? Or want to heal the most? Where is it that you want to gain greater clarity? Use the Mercury Retrograde as a time to grow and transform in one specific area of life.

2. Slow down.

Mercury is the fastest moving planet. Think of its retrograde as an opportunity for you to slow down. Again, this doesn’t mean you can’t move important projects, contracts or conversations forward, but take the extra time to choose your actions from a conscious space

3. Embrace the unexpected.  

When something unexpected happens during Mercury Retrograde – including delays, miscommunication, technology mishaps, etc. – consider that the Universe is speaking to you, or as I like to say “winking at you.” Consider it like a red flashing light saying, “Hey babe! I’ve got a message for you.” Allow your intuition to guide you to the deeper meaning.  

4. Flow with the energy of “re.”

Mercury Retrograde invites us to slow down and take a second, more intentional shot at important decisions, beliefs and aspects of our identity. You may even notice that people, lessons, and decisions from the past come back around again. It’s a time to feel into the energy of “re.” Review. Reflect. Redo. Revise. Regenerate.

5. Seek out a different perspective.

Mercury Retrograde can be a foggy and  confusing time – or it can be incredibly enlightening and a chance to see things in a new way. It’s the perfect time to seek out guidance on topics or patterns you’ve been struggling with. From books and courses –  to therapists, life coaches and astrologers  – Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to expand your mind and create breakthroughs in your life! Click here to learn more about Iron Gypsy Astrology and Life Coaching.

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2020-2030


February 18 – March 9, 2020 in Aquarius
June 17 – July 12, 2020 in Cancer
October 13 – November 3, 2020 in Scorpio/Libra


January 30 – February 20, 2021 in Aquarius
May 29 – June 22, 2021 in Gemini
September 27 – October 18 in Libra


January 14 – February 3, 2022 in Aquarius/Capricorn
May 10 – June 2, 2022 in Gemini/Taurus
September 9 – October 2, 2022 in Libra/Virgo December 29 – January 18, 2022 in earth-sign Capricorn


December 29 – January 18, 2023 in Capricorn
April 21 – May 14, 2023 in Taurus
August 23 – September 15, 2023 in Virgo
December 13, 2023 – January 1, 2024 in Sagittarius


December 13, 2023 – January 1, 2024 in Sagittarius
April 1- April 25, 2024 in Aries
August 4 – August 28, 2024 in Virgo/Leo
November 25 – December 15, 2024 in Sagittarius


March 14 – April 7, 2025 starts in Aries/ Pisces
July 17 – August 11, 2025 in fire-sign Leo
November 9 – November 29, 2025 in Sagittarius/Scorpio


February 25 – March 20, 2026 in Pisces
June 29 – July 23, 2026 in Cancer
October 24 – November 13, 2026 in Scorpio


February 9 – March 3, 2027 in Pisces/Aquarius
June 10 – July 4, 2027  in Cancer/Gemini
October 7 – October 28, 2027 starts in Scorpio/Libra


January 24 – February 14, 2028 in Aquarius
May 21 – June 13, 2028 in Gemini
September 19 – October 11, 2028 in Libra


January 7 – January 27, 2029 in Aquarius/Capricorn
May 1 – May 25, 2029 in Taurus
September 2 – September 24, 2029 in Libra/Virgo
December 21, 2029 – January 10, 2030 in Capricorn


December 21, 2029 – January 10, 2030 in Capricorn
April 12 – May 6, 2030 in Taurus/Aries
August 15 – September 8, 2030 in Virgo
December 5 – December 25, 2030 in Capricorn/ Sagittarius

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