Astrology is a divine language for downloading the guidance for living your most magical, meaningful life – direct from your “Soul Map” – a map of the Sun, Moon and stars at the time of your birth. Your “Soul Map,” helps all of us find direction, fall in love with who we truly are and create a life that we love! 

During each “Soul Session,” you have the opportunity to ask “Soul Questions.” These questions can range from current situations like contemplating a move, a career change or a relationship — to or deep questions you’ve carried in your soul throughout your lifetime like “What is my purpose?” “Why did this happen,” or “How do others see me?” 

Using the birth chart as our compass, we’ll center your heart and soul in a direction most aligned with your divine and authentic MAGIC! The following are topics we may cover in our astrology session and you may wish to ask about in your list of “Soul Questions.” I find that “Soul Questions” most often lead to the most concrete and satisfying results; however, if you’d prefer to “free flow,” that is an option to you as well. In that case, I’ll touch on the areas below that speak most “loudly” in your Soul Map:

Life Purpose  | Career | Relationships | Money and Resources | Your Personality and Talents | Self-love | Confidence | Home and Environment | Physical Health and Well-Being | Communication Styles | Long-Term Goals | Home and Community | Family and Lineage | Soul Evolution and Past Lives | Intuition and Healing Capabilities 

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  • Ultimate Soul ReadingQuick View
    • Ultimate Soul ReadingQuick View
    • Ultimate Soul Reading

    • $333.00
    • 90-Minute Ultimate Soul Awakening Experience  A 1:1 interactive astrology session where we also pull in several healing and intuitive modalities including Reiki, Akashic Records, Tarot/Oracle. Package Includes: 90-Minute Astrology Reading and Ultimate “Spiritual Experience”  Six “Soul Questions” you want answers to  15 Minutes of “Free Flowing” Questions Answered via Akashic Records Channeling “You are Magic” Tarot Reading “Reiki” Chakra…
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  • Soul ReadingQuick View
    • Soul ReadingQuick View
    • Soul Reading

    • $199.00
    • 60 Minute Live Astrology SOUL Reading Are you looking to harness your unique magic to create a life of magic and meaning? Are you looking to attract love, abundance, or greater peace and flow into your life? In this 60-minute “Soul Reading” we’ll use the primary signatures in your birth chart to help you own your unique magic and…
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  • Mini-Soul ReadingQuick View
    • Mini-Soul ReadingQuick View
    • Mini-Soul Reading

    • $99.00
    • 30-Minute Mini-Soul Reading Do you want guidance from the Universe to help you move through life in alignment with your best self?  In this 30-minute “Mini Soul Reading” we’ll use the primary signatures in your birth chart to help you awaken your magic!  Package Includes: 30-Minute Astrology Session  Three “Soul Questions”  “Soul Map” Birth Chart   ** See Detailed…
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  • LOVE ReadingQuick View
    • LOVE ReadingQuick View
    • LOVE Reading

    • $333.00
    • “Ignite Your Relationship” Love Reading: 75-Minute Live Astrology Reading This package is for those who want to ignite the passion or increase compassion in their current relationship -- or for those looking to attract their soul mate! If you do not have a current partnership, we will go deep into how you can attract the partner of your dreams and…
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  • Make It Your Year: Solar Return Chart, Progressed Chart, and Year Ahead TransitsQuick View
Online Course

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“Awaken Your Magic”

Online Astrology Course and Transformation Program

Unlock the Secrets of Your Birth Chart 

Learn the basics of astrology, and most importantly, learn how you can fully embody the energies of your unique soul’s signature! This personal growth program uses the wisdom of the Sun, Moon and Stars to align you with your unique essence, purpose, lessons, and gifts. Learn how you can use your chart to guide career, relationships, finances, and so much more! 

What You Will Learn:

  • * Study the basics of astrology, connecting you with the diving language of astrology
  • * Learn how to awaken the energy of the planetary signatures in your birth chart
  • * Learn how to track transits to flow with the energy of the Universe

What You Will Get:

  • * Meditations to awaken your energy 
  • * Journal prompts to provide clarity and empowerment 
  • * Personal growth activities to embody the energy in your chart and take your life to the next level 

Book launch

"You Are Magic"

A guided journey to awakening your magic and falling in love with the real you!  

You Are Magic Book

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Reiki Energy Healing

This is for anyone who wants to align with their highest self and gain insights direct from the Universe for living their most abundant, passionate, purposeful life. Specifically, Reiki can help with anxiety, pain management, exhaustion, brain fog, emotional healing, and confidence.

Each session includes:

 A phone consultation to start the session where you share areas where you are looking to release, align or gain increased energy, abundance or peace.
 A Reiki energy healing session to align each of your seven chakras and replenish your aura.
 A phone debrief where you have an opportunity to share or ask questions on your experience and hear any divine intuitive insights that came up during the session.

Community Membership

coming soon!

"Circle of Light"

Monthly MasterMind for Spiritual Growth Activities Guided by the Sun, Moon and Stars

If you want to flow with the energy of the Universe to attract and create a more meaningful, magical life — the “Moon Magic Mastermind” is for you! You’ll connect more deeply with yourself and a supportive circle of other spiritual seekers through monthly spiritual growth activities guided by the wisdom of the Sun, Moon and stars.

What You Will Get:

  • * Monthly spiritual growth guidance based on the current position of the Sun  
    • – Monthly Energy Alignment Video  
    • – Monthly Spiritual Growth Activities and Journal Prompts 
  • * LIVE Monthly New Moon Soul Circle (Zoom) – To be timed with the New Moon
  • * LIVE Full Moon Facebook Live – To be timed with the Full Moon 
  • * Exclusive Facebook group

Launches December 21, 2020 with a BONUS Winter Solstice Kick-Off Call!

Iron Gypsy Life Coaching

Kesley Tweed

Iron Gypsy Coaching

Interested in working with me One-On-One?

I provide a holistic, soul-centered, spiritual approach to Life Coaching where we pull in all the healing modalities for a soul-awakening experience, helping you create breakthroughs in your life!

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