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Shift Happens

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Our Mission

To transform organizations and empower individuals to create greater health, a strong mindset and a life free of stress. Through speaking engagements, live events, wellness programs and coaching opportunities, Fabio Souza and Kesley Tweed share what they’ve learned through thousands of hours invested in wellness and personal development.

Shift your body, mind, and soul.
Shift your life.

From entrepreneurs to creators, amazing humans demanding change, to light-bringers and goal-getters – all of our attendees are looking to shift the energy of humanity by first shifting themselves – toward greater love, health, passion, kindness, gratitude, generosity and the courage to share their authentic gifts.

Topics Include:

  • Increasing your energy by moving your body
  • The “no diet” approach to nutrition
  • Developing a prosperous mindset
  • Setting meaningful goals
  • Simple strategies for reducing stress
  • Aligning your energy through meditation

Meet The Co-Founders

Co-founder Shift Happens & CEO Get Fit & Get Motivated

Co-founder Shift Happens & CEO Iron Gypsy Coaching